City Precinct Video Project

The City Precinct has partnered with Pixeldough to provide professional video to each of its members at no cost. Below you’ll find exactly what you’ll receive, plus resources to get started.

Video is now more important than ever when it comes to effective marketing.

The City Precinct has committed to helping its members by offering a complimentary video package. This is available to all registered members.

You will be provided with a 25 second hero video that showcases your business.



We worked with Bottega to showcase their handmade pasta, drinks & desserts.



We worked with Quists, to showcase their premium quality coffee and exceptional service.

What's the process?

  • 25 Minute planning phone call
  • 1.5 Hour video shoot
  • Review the initial rough cut and make one-time revisions
  • Final video is delivered

What type of video will I receive?

The video will cover the regular trade at your business. This includes wideshots of the space, closeups of products and action. This will be backed by music of your choosing.

If a member requires any further additions, this can be provided at the member’s cost.

This might include: a voice-over, multiple shoots, a longer shoot, a longer video.

Any further additions can be discussed in our initial call.

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